Cisco NetAcad

Students of Telecom ParisTech (any “filière”) offered the opportunity to enroll in the CCNA program, Certification of Cisco Networking Academy, to follow the Internet and Network Fundamentals courses. This certification is highly appreciated in the ICT job market. The NewNet@Paris chair is happy to sponsor (i.e. refund) fees incurred by TPT students that positively passed a Netacad  certification.

Enrollment (optional and free) gives access to an e-learning platform. The content of the modules includes more theoretical aspects (protocols, apparatuses, algorithms, etc.) and more practical and implementing aspects (configuration of apparatuses, tests, etc.), which in fact represent the added value of the program CCNA. Each module provides for a final exam to be performed through the platform.

The CCNA program is divided into 4 modules. The entry level  CCNA 1 is open to anybody, while the entry to the next modules is restricted to successfully passing previous modules.

Note that CCNA is completely optional and the outcome is not related to the Telecom ParisTech courses ans exams. The only exception is RES 101, which allows, under specific conditions,  to replace the final exam with a successful obtention of the CCNA 1 Certification.


Further resources about Cisco Netacad:

  • AThe CCNA Program explained by previous students can be found in this very thorough document (thanks Antoine Urbain!)   Personal advices for CCNA@TPT 
  • Details about the Cisco Networking academy can be found at: NetAcad
  • Short Video presentation of CCNA 1 available on YouTube (video)

For any inquire, please contact: