We have recently aquired two SparkBoard 55.   These are located at avenue Italie site, in the following meeting rooms:

  • Italie I304       (
  • LINCS I426    (

The sparkboards are useful for videoconferencing, screensharing and meetings with the interactive whiteboard. While you can use them as simple 4K projectors (through HDMI), to get the most out of it you should access to their functionalites through the Cisco Spark application (get it at ) and enrich it with the plugins for integration with calendar, filesharing, etc. (get them at ).

With the Sparkboards, we also benefit of 2 WebEx and Spark pro accounts, allowing us to setup video calls up to 200 participants and Spark rooms up to 25 participants. To check the status of Spark cloud support, see

Getting started 

  1. Install the Cisco Spark Application (MAC and Windows only).
  2. Click on “get started” and put your e-mail address.
  3. Check your e-mail to create your password.
  4. Sign-in on your application


Spaces are used for sharing content among Cisco Spark users. A user can be logged on multiple endpoints.

  • Create a space by messaging someone or clicking on: Spark-create.png
  • Interact in your space clicking on Spark-home-button.png and selecting one of the activities:



  • Click on Spark-share.png (top right corner).
  • Select the desired SparkBoard or other endpoint.Spark-sharing.png
  • The SparkBoard should then open your screen-share.


  • You can also screen-share during a call
  • Mind that animations may not run smoothly

Screensharing for Linux users

  • Access the cisco application from Firefox:
    • The Firefox version is important. It works on Firefox version 57
  • Make a call to the SparkBoard:Click here and the select the sparkboard
    First click here   and then here

    • In case the SparkBoard does not appear in your list / search bar, try calling your device from the SparkBoard first
  • Click on “Start Screen Sharing”: 
  • Finally, give Firefox permission to share your screen: 


These steps concern the Cisco spark itself.

We’ll be constantly enriching this page with useful informations and pointers to let researchers at Telecom ParisTech being able to get most out of these new gears!