Whereas Internet applications and physical link capacities have witnessed an exponential increase over the last few years, the pace of the underlying infrastructure evolution has been much slower.
In this context, the evolution of technologies related to virtualization, and especially the emergence of network functions and services accessible through open APIs, leads to a renaissance of the the network, where it will be possible to morph the Internet by simply modifying and reloading its functions.

Cisco‘s  NewNet@Paris Chair is organized around three main pillars:

  • Research: lay out new solid scientific basis for this new dawn of the network, as well as to build and innovate on its top
  • Teaching: to educate the new generation of leaders, managers and engineers, in the context of their research and innovation work and beyond
  • International development:  to disseminate these theories and experience to the scientific and industrial communities, and more broadly to the international public at large

Read more about the chair objectives in this press release (in French), or browse through the site to know more about its governance boards and  academic team, the research and teaching activities and the international events we organize.