ccnSim: an open source ICN simulator

ccnSim is a scalable chunk-level simulator of Information and Content Centric Networks (ICN/CCN), that we make available as open-source software to promote cross-comparison in the scientific community. ccnSim is written in C++ under the Omnet++ framework, and features two simulation engines.

  • A classic-event driven engine (available in all versions) allows to assess CCN performance in scenarios with large orders of magnitude for CCN content stores (up to 10 million chunks) and Internet catalog sizes (up to a billion files) on off-the-shelf hardware
  • ModelGraft, a new hybrid modeling/simulation engine  that allows for unprecedented scalability: with respect to the (highly optimized) execution times of event driven simulation, the new technique allow simulation of much larger networks catalogs and content stores on an exiguous amount of RAM and with over 100x reduction of simulation duration.

This new technique was unveiled  at the 2016 Cisco/X Symposium (slides). Discover more in the dedicated ccnSim webpage