234 Cisco Routers running in a practical Lab

Thanks to the collaboration with Cisco, new practical labs have been proposed to ACN-M2 and  Telecom ParisTech 3rd year students this year, in particular in the “Core IP Network” and “Future Internet” courses. The lab is based on IOSv, a Cisco IOS image that can run as a virtual machine on commodity hardware (linux PC in the Lab room for student work, or in our private cloud).  This lab allows student to play with real “Carrier Grade” networking products with the latest networking innovations.

On Friday Sep 22th, we had then 234 BGP routers in total running on 18 PCs,  emulating mini Internet topologies. The goal was to understand Policy Routing (valley free routing, customer preference) or “Hot Potato” routing. This is just a beginning and students will soon be able to play with Segment Routing and other advanced technologies.

Thanks a lot to Patrice and Guillaume from Cisco PIRL for their precious help in setting this up !