1st Cross-Pollination event (Sep 05/09/2016)

It is my pleasure to report on the first cross-pollination event, that was held:

  • between members of the PIRL lab and members of Telecom ParisTech
  • on the afternoon of Sep 5th,14h-18h
  •  in Room B310 at Barrault premises

The aim was to have a quite informal meeting, with few speakers and lot of interaction: during the talks, but also during the breaks to favor bottom up and spontaneous collaborations that can pop up through discussions at coffee breaks.

As such, only four talks were planned, given by (in alphabetical order) two speakers from each institution:

Speakers were instructed to prepare few slides to give a lot of time for interaction — this was indeed what happened, with lots of prolific interaction among people in the audience.

From feedback gathered at (and after) the event, the format was succesful and useful. we are looking forward for the sequel in the coming months —  hoping to see you there!